Fleet Vehicle GPS Tracking & Asset Monitoring

Track Star AVLS is an advanced GPS fleet tracking solution for automatic vehicle and assets tracking and monitoring. Our advanced GPS fleet tracking solutions, vehicle diagnostics and fleet management software provides the necessary tools you need to ensure your fleet stays on schedule, operates efficiently, and helps you reduce fleet operational cost.

Flexible GPS Tracking Data

GPS Data & Vehicle Tracking

Track Star AVLS offers a wide range of GPS devices for vehicle mapping, fleet tracking, vehicle driver communications, and fleet asset management. The AVLS system is a robust GPS solution, highly configurable, and delivers vital GPS data and tracking information that fleet managers need to maximize fleet productivity, to ensure the fleet stays on schedule, and enjoy the benefits of reduced fleet operational cost.

Advanced GPS Tracking

Advanced GPS Tracking

AVLS offers an impressive array of GPS fleet tracking features not found among competing systems. These include real-time speed limit violation alerts, after-the-fact geofence processing, GPS device support, and the ability to augment the supplied maps with customer owned GIS data and more. Our GPS tracking solution includes vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior monitoring, as well as dash-boarding features.

Private GPS Tracking

Private, Self-Hosted GPS Tracking

AVLS (Automatic Vehicle Location System) is an entirely private, customer-hosted GPS vehicle tracking, asset tracking and fleet management solution - making it unique among other GPS tracking systems in the marketplace. As such, it affords users the utmost in data privacy as GPS location data is sent from fleet vehicles and other assets directly to the user's computer systems.

Track Star AVLS

Track Star AVLS (Automatic Vehicle Location System) is an innovative GPS software solution for tracking all types of vehicles, fleet management and assets.  Our AVLS product provides users with a self-owned and operated system that supports both passive and active GPS tracking devices from a host of leading manufacturers employing communication technologies that span all carriers.

The Track Star AVLS system is the most affordable GPS-based vehicle and asset tracking system available. With recurring costs of operation that are less than half compared to those of our lowest-priced competitors, Track Star is an exceptional value.

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