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Track Star AVLS is the value proposition leader among GPS vehicle tracking and management solutions available today. Offering a unique customer hosted architecture with both thick and thin client capability, Track Star AVLS provides users with four differentiating attributes: PRIVATE - AFFORDABLE - POWERFUL - FLEXIBLE.

Industry studies show that fleets equipped with AVL solutions enjoy significant fuel savings, maintenance savings and manpower savings. Track Star AVLS provides all of these benefits and more at a cost point that is far below competing solutions. The system supports a wide range of high quality GPS devices from CalAmp, Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint, Novatel and others, providing an unequalled level of device flexibility, allowing customers to mix and match devices to achieve the proper balance between cost and capability for each asset in their fleet.

Powerful features include real-time tracking, extensive notification features, OBDII & J1708/J1939 engine diagnostic capabilities, driver behavior notifications, unlimited historical data retention, flexible mapping display features, dashboarding and more.

Track Star AVLS is in use today in Law Enforcement / First Responder agencies of all sizes, Municipal government agencies large and small, Electric and Gas Utilites, and Rural Utility Cooperatives. The system has been in constant production since 2000 when the Company was founded, and remains in a constant state of development and enhancement.

We offer a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation, as well as expert advise and consultation with regard to device selection, communications technologies and unique application of features to solve every imaginable problem. Click on the "Learn More" link below to learn more about this product.

GPS Fleet Tracking Fleet Management System

AVLS (Automatic Vehicle Location System) is a real-time GPS vehicle tracking solution, developed to maximize fleet vehicle efficiency of municipalities, county and state agencies, commercial utilities, and organizations that wish reduce fleet operational cost, while increasing the safety of their fleet vehicle drivers.

AVLS Software

The Track Star AVLS Software system represents a new standard for performance and value in the fleet management software industry, and is  firmly positioned as the value proposition leader in the AVL industry. The system provides

Track Star Android Tracking

In response to frequent requests for a method to track remote workers who don't work in a vehicle or who are frequently out of their vehicles, Track Star has developed a tracking app for Android smartphones

Track Star Smart Antenna Accessory

The Track Star Smart Antenna is intended to provide a very low-cost means by which automatic vehicle GPS tracking capability can be easily added to fleets that already make use of in-vehicle computers with wireless connectivity.


This page serves as a repository to Track Star customers for technical documentation related to the Track Star AVLS system and related products.   Documents available for download are presented in PDF file format and reflect only

Track Star Application in Law Enforcement, Municipal and Utility Fleets

Fleet vehicle and asset GPS tracking solutions. Track Star AVLS is utilized by Law Enforcement / First Responder agencies of all sizes, Municipal government agencies large and small, Electric and Gas Utilites, and Rural Utility Cooperatives.

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