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In response to frequent requests for a way to track remote workers who don't work in a vehicle or who are frequently out of their vehicle, Track Star has developed an app for Android smartphones for use with the Track Star AVLS System.  The app works on any Android smartphone and transmits location data to the AVLS system according to settings made in the app with an included work hours scheduling function that limits the transmission of location data to the hours when the person carrying it is "on duty".

This  product also  provides the user with a "panic" button feature  on the screen.  Pressing the button transmits an immediate message to the Track Star AVLS system, alerting the system user to the location of the worker and the fact that they are in need of help.

While the app will operate on any Android equipped smartphone, it contains features that are specific to the Sonim XP7 ruggedized smartphone.  The XP7 is designed to operate in the work environment with ruggedized features and a large battery, among many other attributes.  The XP7 also has a physical panic button that is tied to the Track Star Android app so that it can be used, in additon to the screen button, to send an immediate call for help.  Versions are available for the FirstNet public safety network, as well as an intrinsically safe model.  Please visit the Sonim Website to learn more about this product.

The Track Star Android Tracking App provides customers with a means to enhance the safety and efficiency of field workers.  It is an ideal compliment to the Track Star AVLS system.  You can find a datasheet for this product to the right, in the box entitled "Additional Documents".

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