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The Track Star AVLS Software system represents a new standard for performance and value in the fleet management software industry, and is  firmly positioned as the value proposition leader in the AVL industry. The system provides users with a full-featured and unique system at a recurring operational cost that is less than half of its competitors. All of the features of the system are available to all users without the ala-carte pricing models found in other products. 


Track Star AVLS is a customer-hosted and scalable GPS tracking solution that is ideally suited to fleets of all sizes. The system achieves unparalleled levels of data privacy through its unique customer-hosted architecture. It provides users with the choice of access using both thick-client and thin-client functions operating from an on-premise server and database. It provides real-time vehicle tracking using a wide variety of devices affording users a unique level of flexibility.

Powerful features include:

  • unlimited storage and retrieval of historical data
  • customizable map views and sources
  • customer configurable alerting and notification of vehicle activity
  • user access functions to enable use of the system across the departments and agencies of an organization
  • a wide breadth of reports and replay tools
  • dashboarding tools
  • a host of other features

Track Star AVLS offers an extremely low cost of acquisition and recurring cost of operation when compared to other systems. Additionally, Track Star does not engage in ala-carte pricing for features and capabilities of the system. The low cost of both ownership and operation provide a much faster 'Return on Investment' realization for our customers. Industry studies show that AVL-equipped fleets realize fuel savings of 25 percent on average and that AVL provides an average return of over $1,300 per vehicle annually when fuel, maintenance, efficiency and manpower cost savings are analyzed. Simply stated, the less you spend to realize these savings, the greater the ROI and the faster it accrues. 

Track Star AVLS provides a clean and intuitive user interface in both the thick-client and thin-client interfaces. Shown below are examples of the thick client screen (top) and the thin client screen showing the basemap overlaid with NOAA weather information  (bottom).

AVLS Software

The unique scalability and flexibilty of the system allow users to achieve maximum efficiency and safety from the vehicle fleets that they operate. Track Star customers access their AVLS system using a web browser on smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, or through thick-client software installed on their computers. Browsers supported by the thin client functions  include Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. By providing this access via web browser, the requirement for an "app" specific to the Operating System of the device is eliminated.

The Track Star AVLS system supports a number of GPS enabled in-vehicle devices. Supported devices include:

  • Track Star Smart Antenna
  • Sierra Wireless MP and AirLink products to include the new GX445, MP70 and Raven RV50
  • Full range of CalAmp LMU and TTU devices (OBDII plug-in devices, battery powered devices and hardwired devices)
  • CalAmp Vanguard and Fusion series including the Vanguard 5530
  • CradlePoint IBR1100 devices and generic TAIP, and NMEA devices
  • Version 6.1 offers support for OBDII & J1708/J1939 data collection and reporting along with driver behavior monitoring and reporting

Many of the devices supported also allow the use of Garmin PND (Personal Navigation Devices such as the Nuvi and Dezl) as dispatch terminals in the vehicle. Driver behavior, such as violation of posted speed limits, excessive acceleration, braking or cornering alerting functions are available in many devices as well. Track Star can provide detailed information about all of the devices supported and make recommedations based on the needs of your particular vehicles. 

We provide our users with a wide range of tools to interface the Track Star AVLS GPS tracking system to other software products including APIs and a unique integration feature using dynamic hyperlinks. Our tracking system provides customizable map views and uses the latest HERE base maps (updated quarterly), along with Digital Globe aerial imagery and the ability to connect to a host of Web Map Services providers, including your own ESRI products when so configured.

Track Star users enjoy quarterly basemap updates, no-cost system software upgrades, and unlimited technical support at a cost point that is less than half the recurring cost of operation of our competitors. The lack of ala-carte pricing for access to features increases the price differential between Track Star AVLS and competing products.

Track Star AVLS is the value proposition leader in the field of Automatic Vehicle Location and offers experience in this field that dates back more than 16 years. You can find additional product information to the right in the area entitled "Additional Documents," and you are invited to sign up to receive our Quarterly Newsletter for developing news and information about Track Star products. We offer a no-cost, no-obligation 30-day free trial of our software which includes sample devices for interested customers. Our sales professionals are available to provide informative webinar-based demonstrations as well. Please contact us for more information on the Trial Program or contact any of our dealers.

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