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Vehicle(s) Position not updating on the map

Last Updated: December 23, 2014

Determine if the issue affects all vehicles or just one vehicle: This helps narrow down the possible causes. If the issue affects all vehicles, verify that the Track Star AVLS Server Service is running. If the service is running, check the Track Star AVLS Server Agent and verify that the Current Status tab shows a green icon for both the Network Connection Status and the Database Connection Status. If the AVLS service is running and the AVLS Server Agent shows two green icons, look at the Last Unit Activity field on the AVLS Server Agent. If live data is coming in, this field should be close to the current date and time. If this field is blank or not updating, you most likely have a network issue and should verify that the UDP listen port is open on your corporate and Windows firewalls.

If the issue only affects certain modems: Start by verifying that the modem is powered up and connected to the cellular network. Verification of cellular status varies by device. Most will have status LED's and some will have additional status information through the manufacturer's diagnostic software.

Verify the Unique Device ID is correct: Make sure that the Unique Device ID in the Track Star Vehicle Management screen matches the identifier that the device is sending (i.e.: a static IP, phone number, TAIP ID or IMEI). If the Unique Device ID does not match a vehicle in Track Star, the record will be ignored and placed in the Unknown Vehicle History Table in the SQL database.

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