GPS Fire Engine Tracking System

Our GPS fire truck tracking solution ensures fire fighters to arrive on location more quickly by means of providing real-time truck location updates and the best and most efficient roads to the scene of a fire or accident, and consequently saving more lives.

Fire Truck GPS Tracking

Fire Truck GPS tracking is critical to make certain fire fighting vehicles arrive to accidents and critical situations easily and quickly. Which is precisely why an ALVS real-time GPS Ladder truck monitoring and tracking system is vital to the safe arrival of fire fighting crews and protecting the lives of those individuals hurt, caught inside burning structures and home or apartment.

Using AVLS vehicle GPS tracking - fire fighting teams have the ability to get on location more quickly by means of providing real-time truck location updates and the best and most efficient roads to the scene of a fire or accident. Consequently, Fire Trucks can react to urgent situations quicker - preserving even more lives, lessening residential or commercial property damages, and safely plot a route to the critical situation.

  • The gains of making use of ALVS Fire Truck GPS tracking and monitoring include things like:
  • AVLS delivers actual geographical locations of fire fighting vehicles, serving to help dispatchers identify which fire team is actually closest to an urgent situation, and which team needs to be sent to the accident.
  • Real-time GPS road guidance support to fire engine operators so that they have the ability to get the absolute most appropriate routes to the location of an accident and speediest roads to medical facilities, while at the same time maneuvering away from heavy traffic which can impede reaction times.
  • Fire Truck GPS tracking to monitor vehicle driver performance, and to make certain all of the dispatcher directions are adhered to.
  • Decreases of gasoline usage and vehicle repairs and maintenance by methods of delivering fire truck operators with the best and most practical and optimal routes to the destinations of emergencies and fires.
  • A decline in fire truck operator traffic collisions and liability, by means of supplying operators with the safest routes to their destination.
  • And most importantly, preserving more lives.

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