EMS Paramedic GPS Monitoring and Tracking

EMS ambulance GPS monitoring and tracking are critical to ensure paramedic vehicles show up to emergencies and urgent situations safely and without delay. Which is exactly why an ALVS real-time GPS EMS monitoring and tracking solution is essential to the safe arrival of emergency personnel and preserving the lives of those injured.

With AVLS vehicle GPS tracking - EMS personnel are able to arrive on scene quicker by delivering real-time vehicle location updates and the most efficient routes to the scene of an incident. As a result, EMS vehicles can respond to emergency situations faster - saving more lives, and safely navigate to the emergency situation.

The benefits of using ALVS vehicle GPS tracking and monitoring include:

  • AVLS provides precise geographic locations of EMS vehicles, helping dispatchers decide which EMS crew is actually nearest to an emergency, and which crew should be dispatched to provide urgent care.
  • Real-time GPS route guidance assistance to emergency vehicle drivers so they have the ability to take the most ideal and fastest routes to the scene of an accident and quickest routes to hospitals, while steering clear of heavy traffic that can delay response times.
  • Emergency vehicle GPS tracking to monitor driver performance, and to make sure all dispatcher instructions are followed accordingly.
  • Reductions of fuel consumption and vehicle upkeep by means of supplying EMS drivers with the most practical and ideal routes to the locations of accidents.
  • A decrease in EMS ambulance driver accidents and company liability, by providing drivers with the safest routes to their destination.
  • And most importantly, saving more lives.

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