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Track Star International, Inc was founded in 2000 for the specific purpose of developing powerful, yet cost-effective GPS Automatic Vehicle Location solutions that take full advantage of the technological advances in the Global Positioning System (GPS), wireless communications and computerized digital mapping. Since our founding, Track Star has continued to advance the state of the art in our product offerings, and has developed a broad and impressive list of both customers and technology partners. While originally involved in the design, development and manufacture of GPS based tracking devices, as well as the software used with such devices, Track Star has since divested itself of hardware related functions and now focuses solely on the development of unique software products related to vehicle and asset tracking, location and management.

In recent years, the company has formed a number of important strategic alliances that have resulted in improved products, increased value for our customers and an unparalleled range of choice in the configuration of solutions to meet the specific needs of end-users. Today, Track Star's AVLS software solution integrates the GPS tracking and location products made by all of the leading manufacturers in the industry, and continues to seek out new platforms that improve the value proposition for our customers and bring innovative new features and capabilities to fleet management. Track Star Telemetry Development

As the company grows, so too does the staff. Track Star is an equal opportunity employer and maintains an interest in finding "The Best and Brightest" to compliment our team. Those with an interest in employment opportunities with Track Star are invited to contact the company by Clicking Here.

Our Mission

At Track Star, we strive each day to constantly improve our position as the Value Proposition Leader in the fields of vehicular GPS technology, digital mapping and communication. We have attained this position by providing, in

Track Star International, Inc.

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